Love for Cooking!

It’s once said “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.Doesn’t this applicable for a women?… yeah of course yes.And that’s why I am here with this post 🙂

The worst thing a person would say while staying in hostel(I do) is “THE FOOD IN MESS”.Oh man! my mom’s food was tastier than this shit.But, It’s very rare If someone compliment on Food at hostel. Isn’t It? Well Four year in hostel,Four years have same menu with thick rotis and half-cooked vegetables, When you find a change in taste won’t we feel like “WOW“.

At 1.00pm,when hydrochloric acid in my stomach were dancing for the song “we want some rice for our company”,I rushed into mess, took a plate and dumped whatever was available.Then got settled down to fulfill my stomach’s wish. Suddenly I realized isn’t this food really tasty? was it because I was hungry? but if it were so, I wouldn’t have got more food. At that time I felt I should give compliment to the mess manager about unexpectable tasty food. but I was always pulled back,whether to say it or not. Finally I decided he deserves it. After finishing my food I went to him and told “Sir, food was really tasty”, and his face lit up with glee. For him It was like life time achievement award.He told me “Thanks madam,we will keep serving you like this always” and he kept his promise. From that day onward there was a great improvement in the food they make. From this Incident I understood why do I love cooking? because always there was a great family for me to compliment about my food, which made me to become a wonderful cook today!

And that’s why if we find something good we have to just speak out. Our tongues are not just to taste and criticize it to compliment too.

-with lots of love